Wednesday, May 11, 2005

How I (Used to?) Blog

I started this blog back in October of last year, but, finding myself unable to match what I thought the blog ought to be, I scrapped all the posts I'd created (all two or three of them) and more or less cyber-squatted (not that anyone was clamoring for Philanthropica) until this past April.

I had this system, you see. I would use the fantastic BlogThis! feature on the Google Toolbar to sort of clip online newspaper articles. Throughout the day, whenever I came across something interesting, I would sketch out an outline of a decent post and then save it as a draft so that I could go back later and make the post what it ought to be. Of course, I would never actually finish the post, and the fetal posts would keep piling up. The only posts that made it to the blog were the ones that required less than two minutes' thought - not a way to run a blog at all.

But, tonight, all that changes. Stay tuned. I might actually say something important.

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