Thursday, June 23, 2005

Large national importance

I will admit I haven't read the book Martin Morse Wooster reviews here, but take a look at this comment:
Whether CEOs of large establishment groups such as the San Francisco Foundation or the Ford Foundation are white or black, male or female, they present themselves as pasty grey people who have long shed any passions or quirks that would make them interesting. Consequently, many people have quit listening to them. It’s been decades, for example, since the president of a major foundation has written an article or given a speech of large national importance.

If I were Sandra Hernandez or Susan V. Berresford, my response might be, "This from a conservative hack toiling in the book review section of Philanthropy? You write much material of 'large national importance' sneering at the work of others?"

But I'm not them, you see, and I think he's got a point. So all I see is a challenge.

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